Photos: Gian Marco Castelberg/Alessandro Della Bella

ETH Zürich

At ETH Zurich, the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung’s funding is enabling the establishment of a “Powder Processing Lab”, located under André Studart, Professor of Complex Materials at the Department of Materials Science.

The Powder Processing Lab will be part of a larger space called the Materials Design Lab, where students will work on projects involving the different classes of materials (ceramics, polymers, metals and composites). The new labs are an integral part of the revised bachelor’s degree program in materials science and engineering, in which some of the traditional frontal lectures will be replaced by “hands-on” projects. Prof. André Studart is one of the main people responsible for these new lab spaces and the restructuring of the bachelor’s program.

In this lab, students will be able to gain their first experience with state-of-the-art analytical instruments and learn, for example, how to make ceramic dental bridges or ceramic heads for hip joints in several experimental, hands-on workshops.