Museum of Natural History, University of Freiburg

Funding of a Mineralogical Teaching Kit

Since 2014, the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung has been providing financial support for the development and production of a Mineralogical Teaching Kit for school lessons. In five different modules, the Mineralogical Teaching Kit not only makes scientific concepts and phenomena visible, but also allows them to be experienced by means of concrete experiment instructions and a playful approach based on minerals and rocks.

In five different modules, scientific concepts and phenomena are not only made visible, but can be experienced through concrete experimentation instructions, but also through a playful approach using minerals and rocks. What is the difference between glass, crystal, mineral and rock? What do the minerals look like from which cell phone charging cables, semiconductor chips or the simple coffee cup are made? How does birefringence work and why is Mars red? The Mineralogical Teaching Kit is used in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, the natural science subject associations and, of course, by all those big and small who are amazed.