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In this podcast, to accompany the exhibition The World in My Hand, we explore the question of how the smartphone has changed our world: our relationships, our love life, our identity. We trace the origins of the smartphone: what were the beginnings, but also: where do important raw materials for the smartphone actually come from? We look through the touchscreen into another world and ask how the smartphone has changed art. In each episode, artists from the exhibition and experts who deal with the smartphone have their say.

Folge 6: Me, Myselfie and I
For many today, self-presentation in the digital space is far more than just a way of gaining recognition and attention - the smartphone and social media are identity-forming. But where is the line between online and offline? Is there still a difference between the analog and the digital self? Who we are in the age of the smartphone - this is the question this episode addresses.

The podcast can also be heard wherever podcasts are available.

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