ABC – Grafton G2651, 2022 © Silvia Rosi, produziert mit Unterstützung der MAXXI Foundation und BVLGARI

C/O Berlin Talent Award 2024

This year’s winner of the C/O Berlin Talent Award 2024 in the category “artist” is Silvia Rossi (*1992), and curator and author Katrin Bauer (*1992) was selected in the category theorist. The award-winning work “Protektorat” by the Italian artist Rossi with Togolese roots sheds light on communication systems in colonial power structures, and will be presented at C/O Berlin from 1 February 1 2025. Bauer will write the first art-theoretical essay on “Protektorat” to be published in a monograph together with an interview with Silvia Rossi.

Since 2018, the overarching theme of the C/O Berlin Talent Award has been “New Documentary Strategies” to encourage critical reflections on traditional documentary narratives. Since 2020, the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung has made the C/O Berlin Talent Award possible. For more information on the current award winners click here