Installation view INDUSTRIAL RHAPSODY, BlackBox, Photo: Marion Vogel, © Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung

BlackBox is Winner of Lighting Design Awards 2023

The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, together with the lighting design office Ingenieure Bamberger, is delighted to have received the Lighting Design Award for the interior lighting of the BlackBox. With its remarkable concept and sustainability approach, the office was chosen by the international jury as the winner in the category “Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition”.

The concept developed by Bamberger engineers aims for a lasting, adaptable, and elegant lighting solution, prioritizing the prominence of the exhibited artworks while meeting conservation needs and ensuring user satisfaction.

The lighting consists of small linear luminaires with tunable white technology and adjustable spotlights positioned next to ventilation outlets to create a uniform visual effect. To protect the artworks from direct light, indirect light reflected from the floor illuminates the walls with minimal spill light from the luminaires – an important aspect for the optimal presentation of photographs and sculptures using glass as a material.

The jury was also particularly impressed by the sustainability aspects of the concept: it is minimalistic, eco-friendly, and efficient, featuring exchangeable components, ensuring durability, sustainability, and a low total electricity consumption. With a focus on a user-friendly design, the system allows individual luminaire control and spotlight adjustment for each exhibition without the need for constant updates or modernization.

Further information on the concept and the award is available here.