Robert Clark Pallusky, Above All Else Confusion Reigns, 1969

Courtesy Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, Photo: Hans-Joachim Becker

10 JUNE – 30 NOVEMBER 2005

Glass - A New Experience (2)

The second exhibition of the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung: One of the goals of the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, which was then founded some years ago, is to introduce artists using the material glass to a larger circle of people interested in art. Therefore, exhibitions take place on a regular basis presenting different themes of contemporary studio glass and showing it as what it is – an own form of art. In the first part of the exhibition Glass – A New Experience the focus was on Czech and Eastern European artists. The second part showed objects from the Anglo-American world and Australia.

Exhibition Venue
Karl-Theodor-Str. 27
80803 Munich


One of the famous artists from the USA, Dale Chihuly, could be seen with a piece of his work which had so far not been exhibited that much, a Jerusalem Cylinder. Mark Bokesch-Parsons, an Englishman living in Illinois, was represented with one of his impressive heads, reflecting inside secrets and dreams. The morbid female sculptures created by Janusz Walentynowicz showed an own, different type of contemporary sculpture. Other artists working in America and being represented in Europe rather scarcely such as José Chardiet, Steven Weinberg, Leah Camille Wingfield and Paul Seide with his light objects were shown in this exhibition. Among other objects from Australia the visitor also came across the rather delicate works of Kristie Rea and Jessica Loughlin, which had been inspired by the Australian landscape. Scott Chaseling depicts metaphoric scenes of the daily life on his technically innovative vessels.

Further internationally renowned artists such as Tessa Clegg, Clifford Rainey and David Reekie represented Great Britain. The impressive large-size light-glass-installation Streetwise created by Alison Kinnaird (Scotland) and recently bought by the foundation was presented for the first time. Abstract and figurative elements were combined with each other in a nocturnal street scene, with their poetic as well as threatening spirit becoming vivid by the special optical fiber glass lighting

With works by:

Mark Bokesch-Parsons

José Chardiet

Scott Chaseling

Dale Chihuly

Daniel Cayman

Tessa Clegg

Steven Easton

Deborah Hopkins

Alison Kinnaird

Stanislav Libenský & Jaroslava Brychtová

Jessica Loughlin

Jaroslav Matouš

Richard Morell

Rony Plesl

Clifford Rainey

Kristie Rea

David Reekie

Jaromír Rybák

Gizela Šabóková

Paul Seide

Naomi Shiova

Janusz Walentynowicz

Steven Weinberg

Leah Camille Wingfield